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What is Insurance ?

Life insurance is a product which gives an amount to your nominees if something happens to the person who is insured. Life Insurance is an agreement between the policy holder and the Insurer to pay a fixed lump sum amount on the death of the policy holder. These benefits also include the return of amount if the policy holder is suffering from Terminal Illness and the Critical Illness.
Today the life is most unpredictable thing. Life itself includes if between Live and end. What if something happens to the head of the family who will financially help my loved ones?

India has 23 Life insurance companies and has set of different products for the customers.

We often think

1. Why do I need Life Insurance?
Life Insurance is basically required to give financial security to your family. If you are earning member of the family and god forbidden if anything happens to you who will secure your family? The answer is never know so better you secure your loved ones today itself. Life Insurance is present in the market in various forms some are death benefit plan, Guaranteed return plan, and child education plan, retirement /pension plan, Market linked plan etc.

2. How much Life Insurance should we purchase?
You should have life insurance cover of at least all loan amounts plus 10 years of expenses required by your dependants.

3. Which is the best plan for me?
Life insurance is goal orientated. If you need just cover then term or if you want to save for child then child plan or retirement plans. Also you can go for endowment plans if you want cover plus some returns.

4. Which company I should buy plans for?
Once your need is identified in terms of Life insurance amount and end product, one should compare premium another charges of same plans under different companies. Never change your amount of Life and end product for comparison.
Now- What types of Life Insurance plan options does an Indian customer have?

Different types of plans:

  1. Pure Protection|Term Plan
  2. Child plans
  3. Retirement Plans
  4. Ulips
  5. Endowment Plans
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